Hi there!

I'm Tig.  I'm a photographer based in Denver, Colorado.  I'm married to a hilarious and patient guy (that I met in 8th grade) and we have three super cool kids and one lazy, old dog.  I love mornings, candy and Jesus (not in that order).  I love exploring the beautiful state in which we live, but am just as happy at home in my PJ's watching movies with my people. 

I believe that good photos do more than simply document people, places and events.  They communicate the intangible – they cause us to feel.  They capture emotions, relationships, and personalities.  They tell a story. I fell in love with photography for its ability to capture the essence of the people and seasons in my life.  I will forever treasure the photos I have of my family as they tell the story of our life together. Every family has their own unique story.  I would be honored to help you document the different chapters of yours.

My Style

Authenticity.  Connection.  Pretty light.  Those are the things that inspire me.  I love the look and feel of natural light and I use it almost exclusively.  The majority of the photos I take fall under the category of "lifestyle photography".  While I understand it’s important to get some “everyone look at me and smile” pictures to send to grandma, those aren’t the photos that really get me.  The photos that I love to capture are the ones where people are relaxed and interacting as if I wasn’t even there.  So if you are wanting a lot of formal-style photos where everyone is looking at the camera and standing up straight, I am probably not the photographer for you.  While I don’t do a lot of detailed posing, I will give you plenty of direction and guidance to help set up situations where we can capture you and your people in an authentic and beautiful way. 

Find me on Instagram - @storied_photo