Waiting on Baby A by Tig Ogdon

That season when you're expecting your first baby is just such a special time. Even though I felt yucky almost my whole pregnancy, I still look back on that time fondly. There's just nothing quite like the excitement and anticipation of waiting to meet the little human that you made and will be yours forever.  I didn't take maternity photos during my first pregnancy and I definitely regret it.  These two didn't make that mistake, and I'm so glad they chose me to help document this season for them. 

M Family by Tig Ogdon

I've had the privilege of documenting this little guy as he has grown. This shoot was just after his first birthday.  They are such a sweet family of three!

H Family by Tig Ogdon

Had the privilege of photographing this cute fam in a pretty mountain meadow. It was super hazy from surrounding forest fires.  It gave the sunset an extra rosy glow and I loved it!

Baby P by Tig Ogdon

I had the chance to connect with an old friend to photograph her sweet new baby and the rest of her cute family.  I love in-home newborn sessions!  It's so fun to capture the beauty (and a bit of the chaos) of those early days with a new baby.  

M Family by Tig Ogdon

This adorable family wanted to document their little guy at 9 months.  It's crazy how fast babies change that first year.  If it weren't for pictures, I'm not sure I'd remember much of my kids' first years - haha!  Loved capturing this sweet season for them.

Sweet evening with my little lady by Tig Ogdon

My daughter and I spent a sweet evening together - just the two of us.  It was simple but special.  I just adore the age she's at.  She's learning so much and gaining independence but still loves and needs me so much.  These photos feel like a time capsule - photos that I'll look back on with intense nostalgia remembering who she was at this moment in time and what it felt like to be her mommy.