M Family by Tig Ogdon

I've had the privilege of documenting this little guy as he has grown. This shoot was just after his first birthday.  They are such a sweet family of three!

H Family by Tig Ogdon

Had the privilege of photographing this cute fam in a pretty mountain meadow. It was super hazy from surrounding forest fires.  It gave the sunset an extra rosy glow and I loved it!

M Family by Tig Ogdon

This adorable family wanted to document their little guy at 9 months.  It's crazy how fast babies change that first year.  If it weren't for pictures, I'm not sure I'd remember much of my kids' first years - haha!  Loved capturing this sweet season for them.

Sweet evening with my little lady by Tig Ogdon

My daughter and I spent a sweet evening together - just the two of us.  It was simple but special.  I just adore the age she's at.  She's learning so much and gaining independence but still loves and needs me so much.  These photos feel like a time capsule - photos that I'll look back on with intense nostalgia remembering who she was at this moment in time and what it felt like to be her mommy.